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English Karl

Shadows & Reflections - Looking Back Into Tomorrow



As a original Revival Mod from 1978 I have had many scooters since 1979`ish but as always they were sold years ago a bit to eagerly and have lived to regret it since. I have had a Lambretta LI 150 Series 3, a LD 150 MK11, Lambretta Starstream 125 which was completely Modded out, PX 125 bought in 1983 from new and a couple more. These are the scooters I have now and these will never be sold.

Lambretta LD 150 MK11 from 1956

My pride and joy which really needs to get on the road soon. A Lambretta LD150 MK2 from 1956. Bought this off an old geezer in Denmark in Original condition, it even had the original clock that costs more than the actuall scooter itself. Speedo needs sorting out and gaskets and oil seals replaced. Then it should be ready for MOT. If anyone has any tips about getting the engine out and in again (torsion bar etc) please drop me a line.

Vespa PX 200 E GS from 1990

Febuary 2011. Wanted to get a Scooter for everyday running about and work, but somehow I ended up with this: Vespa PX200E GS from 1990. Suppossed to be quite rare in the UK. Heard it was only released in Denmark, Germany, Austria and Belgium and a similar model in Spain was called the TX200. And no it`s not a T5. Gonna strip and paint the body work myself and service the engine before using it. Hope fully will be finished by the end of easter 2011. ThereĀ“s a first time for every thing ;-)

Friday 20th May 2011. Well the deadline of easter came and went mainly because I spent a few weeks trying getting the engine out. In the end I had to angel grind the seized engine bolt out meaning that it`s still stuck in the engine (that will be sorted another day). The underneath of the whole scooter and front mudgaurd has now been sanded, rust treated the painted with a couple of coats of Hammerite. The body and frame has now been sanded primed, sanded primed and bar coated, primed and bar coated etc (you get the meaning). This took a couple of weeks of loosing my finger prints and finding aches and pains in places I never knew I had. The first thin coat of 1k acrylic (Official Piaggio Rosso) has now been applied and tomorrow more wet and drying is the order of the day with hopefully another coat or two in the afternoon. When you begin doing up a scooter you wish that you never started but now I can see results it`s quite satisfying. Really pleased how all that rust and all those dents etc have been sorted. Time and patiance, normally not something I am known for, ha. More pictures will follow soon. When the frame and headset are finished it will then be time to sort out the side panels, tool box, horn cover etc. Will I ever get started on the engine? Remember that it has only had a light coat of red at the moment and will get better after every coat and sanding. Keep watching here to find out.....

Sunday 22nd May2011. The third coat has now been applied. One more light sanding and one final coat then the frame should be finished. Using 1K acrylic they say you don`t need to laquer because it`s a full gloss anyway but I think i`ll give it a couple of coats of 1K clear coat just to be on the safe side. More protection can`t be a bad thing.


Les Fleur De Lys

So, Come On